Thursday, April 28, 2011

bigbig A !~

hahahaaa sgt ske ayt di atas...klu nk wt btol2 boley x???? punch her! punch her! punch her! cz she's so FUCKING annoyingg!! haahahaaaa......
Monkey Emoticon

asl ngan aku? haaa meyh aku usual aku nk cte sal minah ney yg mmg klu post aku sal annoying jeh mmg orng yg same dye ney mmg SUPERDUPER annoying...da mmg xley nk wtpe da...riney aku kne ag...SUPERB laa!....aku sgt rimas!...plezzzz stop act like a 'hingusan' kid bley x? u're grown up oredy aisyooo how many tymes should u be cursing at be4 u realise that u're annoying n make people around u said 'WHATDAAAF***?' come on la...u're a girl so act properly key? opcz u can have fun,laughing,say dat n diz like everybody else does but there are limits in everything that we do...dun over do it key? plezz change listen to wut people around u try 2 tell u...we not jeles or hate u we just try to be a good frens n give an advise so other people that see u wont talk behind ur's not nice u noe? n at the end hu gonna hurts da most? YOU ryte? so plezzz behave ya? im so sorie if wut i say hurting u but dat 4 ur own good key? :))

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