Thursday, April 28, 2011

E.T :))

you're so hypnotizing
could you be the devil?
could you be an angel?
your touch magnetizing
feels like i am floating
leaves my body glowing
they say be afraid
you're not like the others
futuristic lover different DNA
they don't understand you

you're from a whole other world
a different dimension
you open my eyes
and i'm ready to go
lead me into the light

kiss me ki-ki-kiss me
infect me with your love and
filled me with your poison
take me ta-ta-take me
wanna be a victim
ready for abduction
boy, you're an alien
your touch so foreign
it's supernatural

you're so supersonic
wanna feel your powers
stun me with your lasers
your kiss is cosmic
every move is magic

this is transcendental
on another level
boy, you're my lucky star
i wanna walk on your wavelength
and be there when you vibrate
for you i'll risk it all

E.T - Katy Perry

potpetpotpet miera aznin

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