Thursday, January 6, 2011


Starting time : 12.05 am
Name : Nur Amirah Binti Aznin
Brother(s) : 1
Eye Color : dark brown :))
Shoe Size : 6-7 depends...
Hair : Black [proud of it]
Piercing : yupp!
What are you wearing right now : baby -T and shorts
Height : 155 cm :))
Where do you live : key-Elle
Favorite Number : 7 
Favorite Drink : skyjuice and honeydew iceblended *yumm* :))
Favorite Month : august n october!
Favorite Breakfast : i dun eat breakfast....[nnty saket perut laaa...xbese]

Broken a bone : nopee!
Been in a police car : No..
Fallen for a friend : yeapp!
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : yup...
Swam in the ocean : Yupp then timbul2 je gelap troz hahaa sun-tan
Fallen asleep in school : always especelly bler claz ekonomi asas n add math errkkk*
Broken someone's heart : yup...
Cried when someone died : if sumone important? yeah..
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : always....
Save e-mails : No la semakk jeee...
Been cheated on : yes..

Your room look like : lo0k like what i want it to be hahahaaaa...messy i guess :P
What is right beside you : muyh W595 :D
What is the last thing you ate : ubt batok cap ibu dan anak heeeeee

Who did you last yell at : my lil sister hahaha degil ag!
Who was the last person you danced with : hahahaahaaaaaaaaa
Who last made you smile : c budak mucuk!~

What are you listening to right now : i love the way you lie part 2
What did you do today : tidur jee cz demam....
Are you the oldest : yeah i guesss
Indoors or outdoors : Outdoors !!

Talk to someone you like : ade! ngan c bdak mucuk!~
Kiss anyone : my lil sister!
Sing : yeahh bru jek tdy hahaaaaaa
Talk to your ex : nopee hahaaaa
Miss someone : yes i do! a lott!
Eat : muztyla...

You talked to on the phone : bdak mucuk!~
Made you cry : lately? xde....
You went to the mall with : muyh kazen hanis izzati!
Who cheered you up : HIM

Been to Mexico : Never
Been to USA : Nope

Have a crush on someone : SURE !
What books are you reading right now : da lme x bcer buku heheeee
Best feeling in the world : been lurve by someone specel :)) ♥ ♥
Future kids name : errkkk blom decide pon ag nk kawen bler hehehee
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : sometimes
What's under your bed : ntah brg mama...mama jwab! hehee
Favorite sport(s) : sume ske hehee except for golf n games2 yg bowsan!
Favorite place : HOME SWEET HOME!
Who do you really hate : hahaaaaaa nk cte mey la dpn2! bru feelinggg!
Do you have a job : No ! still studyingg...
What time is it now : 12.30 am


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