Thursday, May 6, 2010

for you..

special for you....


everybody needs inspiration
everybody needs a song
a beautiful melody
when the night's so long
cause there is no guarantee
that this life is easy

yeah when my world is falling apart
when there's no light to break up the dark
that's when i...
i lo0k at you

when the waves are flooding the shore
and i can't find my way home anymore
that's when i..
i lo0k at you

when i lo0k at you
i see forgiveness,i see the truth
you love me for who i am
like the stars hold the moon
right there where they belong
and i know im not alone

you appear just like a dream to me
just like kaleidoscope colours
that prove to me all i need
every breath that i breathe
don't ya know,you're beautiful

you appear just like a dream to me.......


you're not alone together we stand
i'll be by your side
you know i'll take your hand
when it gets cold and its feel like the end
there's no place to go
you know i won't give in
no,i won't give in

keep holding on
cause you know we'll make it through
we'll make it through
just stay strong
cause you know im here for you
im here for you

there's nothing you could say
nothing you could do
there's no other way
when it comes to the truth
so keep holding on
cause you know we'll make it through
we'll make it through

so far away
i wish you were here before it's too late
this could all dissapear
before the door's closed
and it comes to an end
with you by my side i will fight and defend
i'll fight and defend....

hear me when i say,when i say i believe
nothing's gonna change,nothing's gonna change destiny
whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly

keep holding on.....

XOXO i lurfve u more than anything...

potpetpotpet miera aznin

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