Thursday, January 3, 2013

simple me..


that's me
but everybody that loves me told me

cause everything happens for a reason
sometimes it hurts sometimes it's make you smile
and each phase that you go through is another lesson of life
that you need to learn, adapt n make it your guidance so you will
never repeat the same mistakes again
so you'll be less hurt and be more thankful
but as you can see
no matter what happens all you need to do is

'Allah tak akan uji kita melebihi kemampuan kita'
so smile a lot
live you life
cause i'm doing the same thing
with everybody that loves me
see what we have in front of us
appreciated each moments
never look back to things that already happens
cause no matter how hard you try
the past will never come back
what more important is
live your PRESENT
and look out for your FUTURE

potpetpotpet miera aznin

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