Wednesday, December 5, 2012

if only...


if only the painkiller pills 
can make the pain inside your heart go away
if only the tears that you cried
can washed away the agony
if only holding your breath 
can make the time stop flies by
if only the delete button 
can deleted all the past memories
if only by saying 'i'm okay'
can really makes you feel okay
if only by holding a gun 
can develop courage instead of insecurities
if only by saying 'i'm promised you'
can sealed everything from broken apart
if only by pulled the trigger
can make people see that your exists
if only when you're screamed 
can make people hear you
if only when you shut your eyes
can make u breathe easy
if only by keeping everything deep inside your heart
can make things much more simple and easy
if only by saying enough
can make you become stronger
if only by just saying 'I LOVE YOU'
can make us believed that there are happy ending in every story...
if only right?
if only..

potpetpotpet miera aznin

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