Friday, November 30, 2012



i'm so happy with you
thanks for being by my side
thanks for taking me as i am
thanks for never give up on me
thanks for giving and trust me with your heart
thanks for all the sweet memories
thanks for coming into my life
thanks for keeping my secrets like it was yours
thanks for making me believed again
thanks for believing in me and make  me realised that i'm not nothing
thanks for make me believed that i'm worth loving and fighting for
thanks for making me smile 
thanks for making me laugh like there's no tomorrow
thanks for making my world turned the other way around
thanks for all your promises
thanks for your hope and faith
thanks for everything

to much things to be thank for
cause i never thought that someone like you exists and send by God for me
you're too priceless and precious to me
i thank God everyday in every prayer
i love you
dear IAO 

potpetpotpet miera aznin 

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