Wednesday, August 10, 2011

bound to you...

sweet love, sweet love
trapped in your love
i've opened up, unsure i can trust
my heart and i were buried in dust
free me, free us

you're all i need when i'm holding you tight
if you walk away i will suffer tonight

i found a man i can trust
and boy
i believe in us
i am terrified to love for the first time
can you see that i'm bound in chains?
i've finally found my way

i am bound to you
i am bound to you

so much, so young
i've faced on my own
walls i built up became my home
i'm strong and i'm sure there's a fire in us
sweet love, so pure

i catch my breath were just one beating heart
and i embrace myself, please don't tear this apart

suddenly the moments here
i embrace my fears
all that i have been carrying 
all these years
do i risk it all?
come this far just to fall
i'm bound to you

bound to you can been heard in Burlesque

----> this song is dedicated to my lurfve, i'll always lurfve you! (^_^)

potpetpotpet miera aznin

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