Saturday, November 13, 2010

curik tagged ag!

1.You're invited to a party, you'll probably wear a : T-shirt+jeans+flats..

2.You're lost in a jungle, you'll : cry then find a will to survive n go home!

3.You're stuck in a room with your crush, you'll: OMGeeeeeee!!! [blushing2]

4.You're down with flu and you have loads of homework to do, you'll : SLEEP!!! MC kn ade! ahahaa

5.You're chasen by a dog up the hill, you'll: hunker and throw a rock...shuhhhhh!! good doggie! good doggie!

6.You're sitting for your exam and the person sitting behind you keep on kicking your chair, you'll: hey get the fuck out of here if you can't answer it don't disturb me!! im focusing!

7.You're in the toilet and there's no toilet paper, you'll: am i suppose to wipe my wet hands?

8.You and your friends are watching a movie and the person behind you keeps on throwing popcorn towards you, you'll: take my shoes off and throw at them! HAHAAA ape ko rase setan?? sedap?

9.You are punished by a teacher for not doing your homework and your enemy is laughing at you, you'll: stare at them and say....WTF!!!

10.You have to choose only 1 friend to a PoolParty, you'll definitely invite: my boyfiee la ahahaa

11.The last time you went out with your friends: can't recall. sooo busy... T.T

12.Your best friend's birthday: 18/3..22/3..01/9..09/11 :))

13.The last time you ate McD: Can't recall..

14.The last time you fell: hahahahahaha. don't remember...

15.The last time you called your mum: just now hehee

16.The last time you spilled your drinks: cant remember!


17.Your Special Date: 26 AUGUST 2004!

18.Are You Hyperactive?: Depends!

19.Left or Right?: Right...[sunnah nabi!]

20.Your nickname: miera!

21.Your pets: cat..chubby..lolly..coco..bells..ed..jash...cj!

22.Your favourite song: alone in this bed - framing hanley

23.Your favourite colour: colourful!

24.Your hobbies: SLEEP!!

25.Do you sing in showers?: ALWAYS... :D


26. age : 21 y/o

27.Phone number: 911!! :))

28.Likes: futsal , hanging out , games!..

29.Personality: very nice , funny and sweet person

30.Hate: liars , unfaithful..

31.Straight or wavy curl: straight...

32.caring or loving: BOTH!

This guy/girl :-

33.Dark haired or light haired: dark please...

34.Wear specs or contacts: specs!! :))

35.Sporty or computer geeky: sporty!!

36.Good or bad: BOTH but not to bad...just a lil bit naughty love to tease...

37.Romantic or modern: Romantic....lalaaa~

38.Rich or poor: in a middle! not to rich n not to poor :))

39.Open or closed: open please! :))

40.Cute or hot: cute!!


potpetpotpet miera aznin

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