Saturday, November 6, 2010


as we all noe...
im a girl...
like any usual girl i have my period every month
and i also have my period cramps everytyme im having my period...
yes it's a bit private but who thefuck care! im telling u all about dis becz i wan to share an important msg about period cramps becz some of us might not aware about it and how dangerous it could be for someone...

period cramps...

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Lots of girls experience cramps before or during their periods. Cramps are caused by prostaglandins (say: pross-tuh-glan-dunz), chemicals a girl's body produces to make the muscles of the uterus contract. The contracting muscles help push the blood out through a girl's vagina during her period.
You probably know periods usually come once a month. Sometimes, younger girls aren't that regular, so they may skip a month. But as a girl's periods get more regular, cramps are more likely.
They can be mildly annoying to extremely painful, and they usually last for a few days. Cramps may worry some girls at first if they don't know they're often a normal part of having a monthly period.
Some girls are more likely to have cramps. They include:
  • girls who are younger when their periods start
  • girls who have longer periods or heavier blood flow
  • girls whose female relatives had or have period cramps
  • girls who smoke
It may seem weird that cramping would be genetic, but it appears to be true. If other girls and women in your family are crampers, you might be a cramper, too. You might want to ask a female relative — like your older sister, cousin, mom, aunt, or grandmother — if she had cramps with her periods. You'll still be cramping but at least you'll know you're not alone! And the good news is that cramps often get better the older you get.

how you handling the cramps..
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n the meantime, a girl wants to stay comfortable. Some cramps are noticeable but don't really get in the way of a girl's normal routine. Other cramps might make a girl feel lousy and less able to do stuff. For bothersome cramps, a girl can talk with her mom or dad about taking a pain reliever. Check with a doctor to find out about pain relievers and other treatments that can reduce cramps.
If you get them, don't let cramps sneak up on you! It's best to start taking pain relievers slightly in advance of the cramps. Your mom or dad can help you decide when to start taking pain relievers and give you the correct dose of the medicine. A parent also can set a schedule so you can take another dose of pain reliever at the right time.
You'll want to take it before school, for instance, and maybe have it on hand at school so the nurse can give you a dose at the right time. By taking pain relievers on a schedule at the beginning of your period, you can keep cramps away so you can go about your normal day without feeling awful.
What else can you do? Exercise! Being physically active can ease cramps, probably because exercise releases endorphins, chemicals in the body that make you feel good. Eating right and getting enough sleep also can keep you feeling your best.
Some girls say putting a warm water bottle or compress on their belly helps them feel better if they have cramps. A nice warm bath is another option. Ahh ... feel those cramps just floating away...
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i hope we all got a valueable message through this post :)) hehe chiaww!!...

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