Friday, August 20, 2010

part of the list xoxo

currently listening to Ne-yo part of the list (T.T) touched saye!

style of your hair
shape of your eyes and your nose
the way you stare
as if you see
right through to my soul
it's your left hand and the way
that it's not quite as big as your right
the way you stand in the mirror
before we go out at night

our quite time
your beautiful mind

they're part of the list , things that i miss
things like your funny little laugh
or the way you smile , or the way we kiss
what i notice is this
i come up with something new
every single time that i sit and reminisce

the way your sweet smell
lingers when you leave a room
stories you tell as we lay in bed all afternoon
i dreamed you now every night
in my mind is where we meet
and when i'm awake staring at pictures of you asleep

touching your face
invading your space

and you live in my memories
forever more i swear
and you live in my memories
forever more i swear

this song is so meaningful every words , every rhymes is so sweet!...this song make me triggers all of the memories that i have with my mucuk!..and its make me miss him more n more....and the most silly things is i shut my eyes and pretending that he was here with me touching my cheeks and speak of loves...then we laugh together , to see his smiling face is priceless :))..then out of sudden my tears came out showing what i really feel inside..i stood still taking as much breath as i can , gather will as much as i can and say ' i must be strong! , i cant show him my weakness and most importantly i must be strong for him! ' dear , this is for you...i always remembering you , you always on my mind and always there forever will in my heart cause i do so lurfve u more than you think i am...i pray to God that you will always be mine forever and only mine...i lurfve you....xoxo

let us reminisce our great times with our love one's....cause no matter what happen to us , no matter how hard it is to face this world with different kind of people around us , no matter how hurt it is inside of us we must remember there's still love and happiness lingers in our mind and our lives..we must appreciated every single moment cause we never know when or how are we going to leave this world...cherish your love one's cause nothing can replace them even if you sold your soul to the demon itself...thank God cause have given you such a love no matter how or from where you get it..believe in God cause God never forget about us God always with us....xoxo

i lurfveee youu

a simple words that can change a lot of things even the world itself.... :))

with love xoxo
potpetpotpet miera aznin

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