Monday, March 29, 2010

true love??

a boy and a girl having a conversation together....the girl was very excited but the boy seem to have no feeling at all....

girl : do i ever cross your mind?

boy : NO

girl : do you like me?

boy : NO

girl : do you want me?

boy : NO

girl : would you cry if i left?

boy : NO

girl : would you live for me?

boy : NO

girl : would you do anything for me?

boy : NO

girl : tell me..what would you choose? me or your life?

boy : my life!..

girl cry and runs away and the boy stop her and says ' The reason why you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind..The reason why i dont like you is because i love you..The reason why i dont want you is because i need you..The reason why i wont cry if you leave because i would die if you do..The reason why im not willing to do anything for you is because i would do everything for you..The reason why i choose my life instead of you is because you are my life..' then the boy wipes the girl tears and smile at her...

the girl now realise how much the boy loves her and she appreciate him more than before because knowing that he is the one for her until the end..she finally know what her heart try to tell her..her heart try to tell her that she is deeply in love with the boy...


potpetpotpet miera aznin

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